Off load tap changer specifications sheet

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ABB's liquid-filled transformers are manufactured in accordance with the most demanding industry and international standards. Transformers can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and can be provided with off-load and on-load tap changers. Product scope. Liquid-filled distribution transformers; ANSI and IEC standards 09. Off circuit tap changing switch on 1 tank cover with tap position indicator, locks and handle. 10. Rating and terminal marking stainless 1 steel/anodised aluminum plate, with details etched in MKS & SI units. 11. Earthing terminals without lugs suitable 2 for connecting 50x6 mm galvanized mild

ON-LOAD TAP CHANGER TYPE D General Manual On Load Tap Changer Type D 1. Specification Details Layout: Installed fully sunk in the transformer tank. (Can also be mounted in a separate tank). Diverter switch operates in its own oil space (diverter switch oil tank isolated from the transformer oil. tap-changer, the tapping position shall also be shown. Rating plates and signs shall be made of stainless steel. Rating plate shall be provided on the operating side of transformer. The plates and signs shall be secured by stainless steel screws. Transformers with tap-changers shall be provided with signs that (iv) Vacuum type on-load tap changers. (v) SFRA requirements. (vi) Apparent charge (pC). (vii) Impact of secondary generation, especially on transformers with dual secondaries. Thorough specifications are the first step in establishing long term reliability of transformers. Specifications should cover the present and future system requirements.

and fitted with on load tap changers for 8.00 MVA Transformer only. The ratings required are 3.15 MVA, 5.0 MVA and 8.0 MVA. The transformer shall conform in all respects to highest standards of engineering, design, workmanship, this specification and the latest revisions of relevant standards at the time of Distribution transformers may include an off-load tap changer to allow slight adjustment of the ratio between primary and secondary voltage, to bring the customer voltage within the desired range on long or heavily loaded lines. Off Circuit Tap Changer; On Load Tap Changer; Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) 1. Off Circuit Tap Changer. The off-circuit tap-changer is of rather simple design, giving connection to a selected tap in the winding. As the name says it is designed only to be operated only when the transformer is de-energised. Sep 10, 2016 ·   Off-Load Tap Changer is used for seasonal variation in voltage. A typical simplified diagram of Off-Load Tap Changer is shown in figure below. As shown in figure above, the winding is tapped from six locations corresponding to which six studs are provided. The six studs are arranged along the periphery of a circle.