The best thread count for sheets

Sep 20, 2018 · Check out our article to help get the best thread count sheets for you. This is why Thread Count Matters! Why Thread Count Makes A Difference We have have had many customers over the years ask the difference in thread counts and/or be confused of what thread count even means.

May 17, 2019 · Does thread count matter for sheets, and what is a good thread count for sheet sets? We test bed sheets for softness, fabric strength, shrinkage, pilling-resistance, and more, and we compared the ...

Ideal lower thread count -- ranging from 250 to 350 -- offer better sleeping conditions. Save the sheets with higher thread counts for the winter and fall months when you typically need the added warmth; use lower thread count sheets for spring and summer.

Dreamy-Bedding would always recommend 400-600 thread count sheets. These are by far the best value for money, and carry some strong characteristics, that you just can’t go wrong with; however if you have the money for a more luxurious sheet set, that could last you a very long time, then 800+ thread count sheets are exceptional. Thread count just isn’t a good measure of quality as a standalone figure, apart from exposing sellers who are (probably) trying to rip you off. If you see any sheets above with a thread count of 500 or above, regardless of material or weave, feel free to take that as a big red sign that says “bullshit.” There’s only so many threads you ... Feb 27, 2018 · The best thread count sheets depend on the material that they are made with. Higher priced materials like Pima, or Egyptian cotton may offer more softness and temperature control, while microfibers offer a good mix of affordability and comfort.