Usg sheetrock joint compound submittals

USG Sheetrock® Brand Paper Joint Tape is a special fi ber tape designed for use with USG joint compounds to reinforce joints and corners in gypsum drywall interiors. Also recommended for joint treatment in veneer fi nish systems subject to rapid drying conditions and where framing exceeds 16" (406 mm) spacing. USG Sheetrock® Brand Paper Joint ...

ProForm® BRAND All Purpose Joint Compound is a vinyl base ready mix joint compound for the professional that may be used directly from the container. Basic Uses All Purpose Joint Compound is designed for tape application, fastener spotting and complete joint finishing of gypsum board.

Enjoy the SHEETROCK Brand Durabond-45 25 lb. Setting-Type Joint Compound 381110120, exceptional bond with low shrinkage asbestos-free resists check-crack formation in heavy fills covers up to 347 sq. ft. 45-minute set time at The Home Depot

Level 5 gypsum board fi nish, a single spray application provides the same highest quality drywall fi nish as the traditional two-step process of skim-coating surfaces with joint compound followed by a coat of primer. In ceiling applications where a fl at white fi nish is desired, USG Sheetrock® Brand Tuff -Hide™ Primer- When using USG Boral Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound for all three coats, the first coat must be used to bed a high-quality paper tape. USG Boral Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound must be allowed to dry thoroughly (up to 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity) before recoating or sanding. Sheetrock Brand Easy Sand 45 Lightweight 18 lbs. Setting-Type Joint Compound is ideal for heavy fills in drywall interiors and exterior ceiling boards. The compound is lightweight for easy handling and sands easily for fast, smooth finishing. Sheetrock ® All Purpose Joint Compound Submittal Sheet 09250 A complete conventional weight all purpose joint compound providing professional-grade performance – Smoother working – Excellent bond – Good open time – Excellent for embedding tape – For use with Sheetrock® brand Mold tough™ gypsum panels to achieve a mold resistant system SHEETROCK® Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound Tinted Plus 3™ Ready Mixed MSDS #61-360-012 Page 1 of 9 61360012 SECTION 1 CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND IDENTIFICATION United States Gypsum Company 550 West Adams Street Chicago, Illinois 60661-3637 A Subsidiary of USG Corporation Product Safety: 1 (800) 507-8899 National Gypsum, known as the leader in quality, customer service, and innovation, manufactures Gold Bond® gypsum board; ProForm® finishing products, and PermaBase® cement board.