Arkansas stones

Stone County was created April 21, 1873 to become the 74th county in Arkansas. It was formed from parts of Izard, Independence, Searcy and Van Buren and was named for the rugged rock formations in the area.

Faceted Arkansas Quartz: A faceted specimen of clear Arkansas quartz, commonly known as "rock crystal." This specimen has been cut into an 8-millimeter round. Some people call these stones "Arkansas Diamonds" or "Hot Springs Diamonds," but those names are inappropriate because the material is not "diamond." Arkansas Stones are graded not by grit numbers like other types of sharpening stones, but by their density and hardness. The less dense, or softer the stone, the coarser it is. The more dense, or harder the stone, the finer it is. The coarsest Arkansas Stone we carry is the Soft Arkansas. The Hard Arkansas is in the middle of the Arkansas ...

Choose from our selection of natural Arkansas stones. These sharpening stones are excellent for knives, chisels, gravers, and other fine cutting edges.With Arkansas stones, they cut considerably slower, but stays flat longer too. In general, these stones are mainly quartz, the kind that geologists call novaculite. Simply think of pieces of flint: your hairy bare chested ancesters used to make arrowheads.Norton Arkansas Stones have gained a reputation over the years as the finest all-purpose stones for deburring and polishing operations as well as for sharpening precision tools. Hard Arkansas Stones are dense and fine-grained for final honing where the sharpest precision edges possible are needed. The Bates Arkansas Sharpening Stone, Fine Grit, is used to sharpen curettes, bone curettes, elevators and explorers. I-Stone, Wedge Shape, Medium Grit. SS6.

Black Translucent Novaculite is the finest grit Arkansas stone. It is commonly used for gold testing and the sharpening of surgical blades. These bench stones are typically black to bluish black in color and come packaged in a beautiful handcrafted hardwood box. These stones make for an excellent heirloom quality gift.With our large selection of Arkansas sharpening stones you will be sure to stay sharp. Arkansas Sharpening Stones for Sale | SMKW JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.Soft Arkansas - The Soft Arkansas Stone is the coarsest of the four types of Arkansas Stones. It is typically marbled in color with colors ranging from white, gray, black, orange or pink. It is typically marbled in color with colors ranging from white, gray, black, orange or pink.