Scottish rock garden club seed exchange

Your guide to gardening in North America and beyond. From what plants to grow and how to grow them, join our society to read the latest Rock Garden Quarterly or engage in our annual Seed Exchange. We promote the cultivation, conservation, and knowledge of rock garden plants, their value, habits and geographical distribution.

Along with his wife, Margaret, he has gardened for forty years in Aberdeen, Scotland. He has concentrated his attention on the study of bulb cultivation (but not to the exclusion of other plants) for the past twenty years and has written a Bulb Log Diary, for the Scottish Rock Garden Club web site, since 2003. SCOTTISH ROCK GARDEN CLUB . 2016 / 2017 . 70th SEED DISTRIBUTION . Send requests for seeds to: Mr Neil McNulty . 6 Main Road . Crookedholm . Kilmarnock . KA3 6JT . Scotland . S. end 2017 seed donations to:

But how many of us think about how these plants came to these gardens, or how they got to a neighborhood garden center, a mail order catalog, or the Scottish Rock Garden Club’s seed exchange? The way we garden in the United Kingdom and North America has been heavily influenced by the introduction of foreign plants. Scottish Rock Garden Club 69th Seed Distribution 2015-16 Applications The procedure for seed requests is as usual: use the forms in the centre of the booklet, and send these to Neil McNulty, or go online at the SRGC website (see centrefold page ii) to make your requests. The website password is on centrefold page (i). Seed of over 4000 species and varieties of plants and bulbs suitable for rock, peat and woodland gardens is listed annually. It is collected by members from all over the world and distributed in time for spring sowing. Many if not most of the seeds are not available commercially. In the opinion of many, the SRGC seed exchange is the world's best.

Scottish Rock Garden Club Established 1933. The Club for people who love plants. Plant enthusiasts join together from around the world to share and enjoy a love of plants. Amateur or professional, beginner or expert. Small garden, large garden, bog garden, woodland garden, raised beds, troughs. International Rock Gardener . Number 5 The Scottish Rock Garden Club May 2010 ... The seeds we found were sown in the usual lean and lime-free soil in November 2003 ...